Urban Forestry Five-Year Plan


The purpose of the Five-Year Strategic Plan is to provide direction for Georgia’s urban and community forestry programs and policy development and to coordinate statewide efforts to conserve and enhance Georgia’s community forests.


Four issues were identified by the strategic planning committee and are addressed in the Five-Year Plan for Georgia’s Urban and Community Forests. These issues are:


STRATEGIC GOAL 1: Promote tree canopy and longevity at the landscape scale through the green infrastructure approach.

STRATEGIC GOAL 2: Increase active participation of local communities to advocate for community forests through education and tree plantings.

STRATEGIC GOAL 3: Promote the development and enforcement of local tree ordinances.

STRATEGIC GOAL 4: Promote sustainable community forestry by training professionals to implement best management practices.

The final version of the Five Year Plan can be read here: http://www.gfc.state.ga.us/community-forests/planning-policy/five-year-plan/