Workshops and Quarterly Programs


AUGUST 8 – The City of Suwanee hosted GUFC’s third quarterly program. our fourthThe Urban Forest as Green Infrastructure_GUFC Sustainable trees73118 Making Trees Count GUFC Aug 2018 annual “Trees as Green Stormwater Infrastructure”educational event.  David Dechant,LEED AP, SITES AP and Board Certified Master Arborist at Arborguard Tree Specialists; Joe Burgess, Community Forester and Regional Specialist, with the Georgia Forestry Commission; and William Hodgins of the Center for Watershed Protection in Ellicott City, MD, as well as panelists Christine McKay (EPA Region 4), Amanda Hallauer (City of Atlanta Watershed Management), and Eric Kuehler, USDA Forest Service, led our continued conversation on the challenges and recommendations for incorporating trees into the growth of our communities for vital stormwater management and other benefits.    Click on the blue links below to view the presentations.

David Dechant, LEED AP, SITES AP and Board Certified Master Arborist at Arborguard Tree Specialists:  Trees as Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) may improve the resiliency of urban centers.  In addition to learning how GSI can be implemented, attendees will learn about the difficulties landscape design professionals face getting newly planted trees large enough to provide GSI benefits.

Tree ordinances and Green Infrastructure: Why Overachieving is Killing Community Forest SustainabilityJoe Burgess, Community Forester and Regional Specialist with the Georgia Forestry Commission

William Hodgins, P.E., Senior Water Resources Engineer, Center for Watershed Protection, Ellicott City, MD “Making Trees Count” is the result of a project funded by the USFS National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council. Through the project the Center sought to answer the question, what is the effectiveness of urban tree planting for reducing runoff, nutrients and sediment? The project team developed a water balance model to provide an improved method for quantifying the stormwater benefits of urban tree canopy. The results can assist with calculating tree planting credits for pollutant load and stormwater in the urban environment. Also visit for more detailed information.