Landmark & Historic Tree Register

The primary purpose of GUFC’s Landmark and Historic Tree Register is to locate, document and compile a record of significant trees across Georgia.  Landmark and Historic Trees are those individual trees and groups of trees that have been designated as significant based on their importance to national, state, or community history.  They are frequently recognized for their contribution to the development of landscape architecture, forestry, city planning, and culture.  Other key attributes for consideration are event association, aesthetic value, historical significance, and cultural contribution.  Trees recognized in this register are divided into two categories:  Landmark – those trees that are an integral part of an individual community and its heritage, and Historic – those trees in Georgia that are important to the culture and history of the state or nation.  The register will also enhance our ability to educate and encourage the public and decision-makers about the importance of trees and the need to care for and protect them.

To Nominate a Tree
Nominations are accepted throughout the calendar year, with announcement of additions to the Register at the Fall GUFC Annual Meeting.   If you would like to nominate a tree please download the landmark-historic-tree-application

FOR BETTER VIEWING, VIEW THE LARGER MAP here: Landmark and Historic Tree Map.  Clicking on a tree icon will give some information about a specific tree, as well as a picture of the tree.  If there are multiple trees in a community listed, enlarge the map as much as possible, to see each separate tree icon.

Landmark and Historic Tree list

  • The Trees at Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, 2018
  • The Big Oak, Thomasville, 2017
  • Seven Mile Bend Oak, Richmond Hill, 2017
  • Bryan County Elementary Oak, Pembroke, 2016
  • William J. Strickland Live Oaks, Pembroke, 2016
  • Downtown Pembroke Live Oak, Pembroke, 2016
  • Pembroke Methodist Church Live Oak
  • J.E. Warren Live Oak, Pembroke, 2016
  • Pembroke Christian Church Live Oak, Pembroke, 2016
  • Heritage Park Willow Oak, McDonough, 2016
  • Village Sentinel Live Oak, Baptist Village, Waycross, 2015
  • Grandfather Tree, Brookhaven, 2015
  • Chatham County Live Oaks, Georgetown, 2013
  • Woodbine Live Oak Tree, 2012, Woodbine (Private)
  • Decatur Post Office Tree, 2010, Decatur
  • The Florida Torreya, 2010, Columbus
  • Southern Red Oak, Historic, Marietta, 2009 (Private)
  • Tulip Poplar, Historic Marietta, 2009 (Private)
  • Sand Post Oak, Augusta, 2008
  • Eastern White Pine Tree, Decatur, 2008
  • Dalton Liberty Tree, City of Dalton, 2008
  • White Chapel Memorial Gardens Red Oak, White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Duluth, 2008
  • The Athens Flowering Dogwood Tree, Athens Regional Medical Center, 2008
  • The IRS Water Oak, IRS Building, Chamblee, 2008
  • The Floyd Medical Arts Center Community Oak, Floyd Medical Center, Rome, 2008
  • Chinese Chestnuts of Glenridge Hall, 2004, Sandy Springs
  • Live Oak Trees of Bonaventure Cemetery, 2004, Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah
  • Mitchell County Courthouse Grove, 2004, Camilla
  • The Trees of Stonewall Confederate Cemetery, 2003, Griffin
  • Spring Bank Oak, 2002, Cartersville
  • The Candler Oak, 2001, Savannah
  • Triangle Holly, 2001, Gainesville
  • Brown Park Scarlett Oak, 2001, Canton
  • Five Hemlock Trees, 2001, Clayton
  • Yarbrough Oak, 2001, Oxford
  • Lanier’s Oak, 2001 Brunswick
  • Dubber’s Oak, 2001, Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany
  • Trees on Historic Square, 1996, Covington
  • Female College Trees, 1996, Covington
  • The Mystery Incense Cedar, 1996, Agnes Scott College, Decatur
  • “Professor Dieckmann’s” Magnolias, 1996, Agnes Scott College, Decatur
  • The “Battle of Decatur” White Ash, 1996, Agnes Scott College, Decatur
  • The Friendship Oak, 1995, Albany
  • Tifton Magnolia, 1995, Tifton
  • Twin Magnolia, 1995, Macon
  • Oak Trees of Big Spring Park, 1995, Big Spring Park, Cedartown
  • The Tree That Owns Itself, 1995, Athens
  • The Carriage Trail Oaks, 1995, Albany
  • The Trees of the Sunset Historical Cemetery, 1995, Camilla
  • The Trees of Bulloch Hall, 1994, Roswell




7 thoughts on “Landmark & Historic Tree Register

  1. We have planted several Dunstan chestnut trees on the property, we need to register them ,there’s probly but many in Georgia ,we are trying to bring the cheesenuts back into the state of Georgia.

  2. Please contact us if you are aware of any other cheesenut trees in Georgia, these trees are baring fruit ( nuts) now.

  3. Hello. We have a white oak tree down in a slight ravine where water holds from runoff. This tree is huge, height wise. It is a forest tree, the circumference measures to the best of my ability at 127 in. Even the first limb is so far up that I can’t make out the leaves. So by pi, growth rate 5, would 202 be a somewhat accurate estimate for age? It appears older, mainly by exposed roots and height. Thank you.

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