Resources for Homeowners

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Arborday Foundation,  Right Tree, Right Place

Arborday Foundation, Tree Planting Video

Arborday Foundation, Educational Resources

Georgia Forestry Commission, The Homeowner’s Role in Maintaining the Urban Forest (includes homeowner tree survey questions)

The Grove, Plant your Legacy

Kim D. Coder, UGA Professor of Tree Health Care, Plant Trees Right!

Savannah Tree Foundation, A Guide to Planting and Caring for Trees in Coastal Georgia

Trees After the Storm, Treesafterthestorm

Trees Are Good, Benefit of Trees

Trees Are Good, Recognizing Tree Hazards

Trees Are Good, Mature Tree Care

Trees Are Good, Pruning Young Trees

Trees Atlanta, Neighborwoods Program, National Tree Benefits Calculator

Treelink, Tree resources for Homeowners

US Dept. of Agriculture, Urban and Community Forestry, Tree Owner’s Manual

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Georgia Model Urban Forest Book

This handbook was created to provide communities and citizens with the information, tools and references necessary to begin to plan development with the green infrastructure of the urban forest in mind.

Georgia Tree Project, Advocating the Preservation and Creation of the Urban Forests (Brochure & CD ROM)

This brochure and CD-ROM will help give you the tools and background on striking a balance between economic development and the restoration of our natural systems.

Life at the Water’s Edge, A Guide to Stream Care in Georgia

An excellent overview on how to manage your trees and land around a stream.  Perfect for homeowners that have a stream on or near their property.

Shade Magazine

This magazine been published annually by GUFC since 2005.   View back issues.