Droughts & Storms

Drought-stressed Trees Need Extra Care

It is important to know that drought-stressed trees need monitoring and given the best possible growing conditions to recover.  Click here for a technical report on caring for post-drought trees and here for a press release issued by the Georgia Urban Forest Council, Trees Atlanta, and the Georgia Arborist Association.

Community Forest Storm Mitigation Planning
Trees are an important part of our community’s infrastructure. They provide us with many valuable and irreplaceable environmental, economic, and social benefits. But, during a storm, our trees are also at risk and can cause significant damage not only to infrastructure but also to personal property.

Georgia Forestry Commission recently held three workshops in Gainesville, Marietta and Mansfield to help communities develop a personalized Community Forest Storm Mitigation Plan that focuses specifically on trees and ways to avoid or mitigate the damage they cause during a storm or other catastrophic event. Community Forest Storm Mitigation plans serve as a guide for assessing current storm readiness, for creating a summary of your community’s current forest management program and as a storm mitigation checklist. Presentations from the workshops are available and Georgia Forestry Commission staff are available to assist your community.

A Community Forest Storm Mitigation Planning Workbook and Template are available at this link: http://www.gfc.state.ga.us/community-forests/management/trees-storm-safety/

PowerPoint presentations are available here: http://www.gufc.org/resources/presentations/

Please contact the Georgia Forestry Commission Sustainable Community Forestry Program staff if you need any assistance with your plan.