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A Guide to Planting and Caring for Trees in Coastal Georgia
A concise summary of information on how to plant trees.  Although written for Coastal Georgia much of it applies to tree planting everywhere.
Bill B. Sings about Trees
A fun CD of songs about trees for Children.
Center For Urban Forest Research
Provides customers with reliable scientific evidence that the benefits of urban forests add real value to communities.
International Society of Arboriculture
The International Society of Arboriculture is a worldwide professional organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees and to promoting research, technology, and the professional practice of arboriculture.
Land Use Studies Initiative
The Land Use Studies Initiative is a group of faculty and staff at The University of Georgia working to provide unbiased research, education, and decision support tools on issues related to land uses. Examples of their work include research on farmland preservation, collection of geospatial data, tools for designing greenspace programs , and training on all issues related to land uses, growth, and development.
Project Learning Tree
Project Learning Tree® (PLT) is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-grade 12. PLT is a program of the American Forest Foundation. It is one of the most widely used environmental education programs in the United States and abroad, and continues to set the standard for environmental education excellence.
Tree Images started in 1994 by the University of Georgia’s Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health. The website was launched in 2001 and has an incredibly large collection of well-categorized pictures of any kind of tree you can think of.
Trees in Social Science
This amazing website compiled by Kathy Wolf compiles research about trees and local economics, crime, wellness, healing, street safety, life cycle, and land uses.  This is a one stop shop for up-to-date research regarding trees and social sciences.
Tree Link
Tree Link provides information, research, and networking for people working in urban and community forestry.
UGA Warnell School of Forest Resources
The Daniel B. Warnell School of Forest Resources, established in 1906, is the oldest program in the South that provides forest resources service and outreach, instruction, and research programs.
University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Department Woody Ornamentals
University of Florida’s one-stop answer to all things landscape, including general advice on planting, pruning, roots, etc.  Also hosts tree selection software that will assist you making the right tree and/or plant choice.
Urban Forestry South
By using Urban Forestry South Expo (UFS), a user has access to the best and most current urban forestry resources and information available.
The Urban Natural Resources Institute
(UNRI) is a science-based source for information and answers to questions on urban natural resources stewardship. A goal of the Institute is to strengthen public awareness of activities related to urban natural resources research and management. The Institute consists of Forest Service scientists conducting science-based research on urban natural resource issues across the country.
Urban Wood Waste
Articles on what is being done with urban wood waste in other parts of the country.
The Virginia Urban Street Tree Selector
The street tree selector is designed to serve as a resource and forum for street trees. Trees in downtown areas are under intense pressures from pavement, buildings, and people. Many factors restrict tree choices in these sites: reduced rooting areas, extreme pHs, clearance requirements, etc. Finding a variety of trees that will perform well in these situations can be difficult. If you are planning tree plantings for a streetscape, a median, a parking lot, or main street, we hope you will be able to find some suggestions using the search functions provided here. The site is designed for Virginia communities, but will also be useful to the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.
American Forests
American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests.
Georgia Arborist Association
The Georgia Arborist Association, GAA, has been established as an organization to bring together tree care professionals and enthusiasts for the betterment and protection of Georgia’s trees. The GAA promotes fellowship, education, training and networking among Georgia arborists while acting as an advocate for issues facing our trees and the arboriculture industry. Safe and proper tree care practices are the cornerstone of the GAA and its activities.
Georgia Forestry Commission
The Georgia Forestry Commission provides leadership, service, and education in the protection and stewardship of Georgia’s forest resources.
Sandy Springs Conservancy
The Sandy Springs Conservancy was established in 2001 in a grass-roots effort by concerned citizens to preserve rapidly disappearing greenspace and recreation areas in Sandy Springs. The Conservancy’s flagship project is The Great Park at Morgan Falls, a proposed riverside park along the Chattahoochee River and Morgan Falls Road. The Conservancy is guided by a volunteer board of directors and is a non-profit, tax-deductible 501C3 organization. The Sandy Springs Conservancy is an initiative of Sandy Springs Revitalization, Inc.
Society of Municipal Arborists
Founded in 1964, the SMA is an organization of municipal arborists and urban foresters.
Trees Atlanta
Trees Atlanta is a non-profit citizens’ group dedicated to protecting and improving our urban environment by planting and conserving trees.
Cool Communities
Cool Communities promotes healthy and livable communities by advocating urban heat island mitigation using sustainable cost-effective strategies for development, construction and existing structure retro-fitting
National Association of Conservation Districts
The National Association of Conservation Districts is the nonprofit organization that represents the nation’s 3,000 conservation districts and 17,000 men and women who serve on their governing boards. Conservation districts, local units of government established under state law to carry out natural resource management programs at the local level, work with more than 2.5 million cooperating landowners and operators to help them manage and protect land and water resources on nearly 98 percent of the private lands in the United States.
Park Pride
Park Pride is a nonprofit organization dedicated to involving the community in enhancing the quality of life through the protection and improvement of parks and green space.
Southface is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. With a longstanding reputation for providing sound environmental education and outreach programs.
The South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium (SGNPWS) is an excellent, award winning educational event! Held at UGA“s Tifton Campus, this is a day of great presentations from regional experts on timely topics.  Speakers present on topics that are high priority for conscientious gardeners. Come and be prepared to learn something to take back to your home and your community.
The Trust for Public Land
The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is a national, nonprofit, land conservation organization that conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, community gardens, historic sites, rural lands, and other natural places, ensuring livable communities for generations to come.

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